Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nithyananda's Damage Control Operations seems to be in full swing

Swami Nithyananda is not one to exit this fraudulent Guru game that he is involved in it so easily. He realizes the damage that the blogs such as Nithyananda-cult, Fairy Tales of Nithyananda and Guruphiliac are doing to his "holy business". He is also cunning enough to know if he steps into the US right now, he will likely go into prison, just like his hero OSHO did.

So what is he doing now to fight it? Well he sent his top lieutenant Nithya Sadananda Swami (aka Aiyya) to the Canada and US. Aiyya never really travels to the US; usually he is incharge of the India and South Asia operations of the Nithyananda spiritual business empire. So this sudden tour looks like it is to do some damage control. From what I am hearing two West Coast US cities have been severely shaken from these blogs. Also the reverberations of the blogs are being severely felt in the Nithyananda community in the East Coast as well from my contacts there.

So Nithyananda has sent his "energy representative" Aiyya to do damage control, suck up to the rich devotees and also sucker in some new devotees to come do Nithyananda's $6000 3-week program in India that is scheduled for March. At the rate these blogs are awakening people, he knows he is not going to get the required number of peole at the $6000 program. And he can't ignroe the damage these blogs are doing. So operation damage control is in full swing.

Read Nithyananda-cult blog's take on this.

Beware of Nithyananda's org. It is clearly a fraudulent organization. No matter how tempted you are by his eloquent discourses, just run away before you get trapped.

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